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Workshops 2019

  Create luxurious homemade soap, lotion, and body care products

Learn How to Make Homemade Soap, Lotion, & Body Care Products
at Soap & More

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important information about our workshops & volunteer opportunities!

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Note: If you have a voucher for a workshop, please know that we understand our classes are quick to fill up and we are happy to honor your voucher whenever you are able to sign up. Please note that you may be required to pay any difference in cost.

Unfortunately, as space is limited and other students are often on wait lists no refunds will be given if students miss their class without the 5 business day notice

This list may not be up to date, kindly follow link for product page to confirm if any spots are available

  • Our workshop space is limited and we would ask that no children accompany participants.  In the past, we made some exceptions and received negative feedback from some customers
  • Our workshops are proprietary and we ask that no recording or videos be used

Workshop Schedule

Updated  August 19
We offer a wide variety of projects at our workshops, so you can learn how to make homemade soap, lotion, shampoo, candles, scrubs, and much more
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Receive 10% Discount Card to use the Day of the Workshop     
We understand that participants are not late on purpose, however, if it happens, we ask that you kindly try and catch up without disrupting the class.    
Solid Conditioner & Shampoo Bars  Thurs. Aug 22nd * 6 pm to 8 pm*  Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class SOLD OUT
Solid Conditioner & Shampoo Bars Sat. Sept 7th *10 am to Noon* Bring an apron. 2 SPOTS
Lotion & Cream Emulsions 101 Sat. Sept 7th *1 pm to 3:00 pm* Bring an apron.
Complete Plant Face Care Thurs. Sept 12th *6pm to 8pm* Bring an apron.The shop will be open to participants after class.
 Soap, Soap, Soap 1 - Basics Sat. Sept 14th *10am to Noon* Bring small blanket & Apron and wear closed-toed shoes, long sleeves, and long pants
Healing Herbs and Salves Thurs. Sept 19th *6pm to 8pm* Bring an apron.The shop will be open to participants after class.
Solid Conditioner & Shampoo Bars Sat. Sept 21 *10am to Noon* Bring an apron.
Luxurious Spa Products Thurs. Sept 26th *6 pm to 8:00 pm* Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class.
Lotion & Cream Emulsions 101 Thurs. Oct 3th *6pm to 8:pm* Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class
Just For Men Grooming Products Sat. Oct 5th *10am to Noon* Bring an apron.
Solid Conditioner & Shampoo Bars Thurs. Oct 10th *6pm to 8pm* Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class.
 Aromatherapy Candles Sat. Oct 19th *10am to Noon* Bring an apron.
Go Green Eco-Friendly Home Care Products Thurs. Nov 7th *6 pm to 8:pm* Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class.
Baby Care Products Thurs. Nov 21st *6pm to 8pm* Bring an apron. The shop will be open to participants after class.
Our Workshops 

Learn how to make homemade soap, candles, scrubs, natural hair and body products and more. Below is a list of all the workshops offered by Soap and More. Click the links for more information on individual workshops

Hybrid Soap  NEW 

General Information and FAQs

  • All supplies are included in the price of the workshops
  • Advance payment is required to secure a spot in the class. Therefore spots cannot be held or saved without payment.
  • Book and pay for 3 different workshops at one time and receive a 10% discount on all three. All three classes must be booked and paid for at the time of purchase to receive the discount. What a deal! (Some restrictions may apply)
  • If a workshop is full or currently not scheduled, go to the desired workshop web page and below the price select Email me when available to be notified when a workshop is scheduled.
  • 5 business days notice is required to receive a full refund or to transfer to another date. Without 5 business days notice, we are unable to refund/transfer. You can send a friend or family member to the class instead!
  • If weather conditions are inclement, please call to confirm that the class is still being held.
  • A minimum of 8 participants is required for each workshop. If this is not met, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule the class.
  • We welcome young adults who are 15 years of age or older to our workshops unless otherwise specified. However they must be accompanied by a participating paying adult.
  • While we normally welcome young adults to the wonderful world of crafting, Soap from Scratch classes (i.e.: Soap 1, Soap 2. Hot Process and Liquid Soap) are restricted due to the caustic nature of the sodium (or potassium) hydroxide.
  • You must be over 18 to attend.
  • We offer private workshops for team building, baby showers, stagettes, birthdays etc. send us an e-mail at soapandmoreab@gmail.com for more information.
  • We reserve the option to change formulations and ingredients in our workshops, in our attempt to incorporate new, exciting and cutting-edge ingredients
  • All workshops are held at Soap & More unless otherwise specified.

Volunteers for Homemade Soap Workshops

Soap & More workshops rely on the generous efforts of numerous volunteers. If you have basic organizational skills, volunteering is an excellent way to take a workshop for only $15 + GST!!  We require 5 business days cancellation in order to receive a full refund.  Volunteers also receive a discount card!

Expect to come earlier and leave later than the workshops posted hours.

(Usually about 3/4 of an hour on either side)
As a volunteer, you still get to take part and create fun products like the other participants!

Volunteering is a "one class at a time" basis. This allows everyone a chance of volunteering!

Soap & More depends on volunteers to run our workshops efficiently.  We appreciate receiving 5 business day notice when a volunteer cannot make it.  If this is not provided we must add your name to our no volunteer list for 6 months. If after that time period you wish to volunteer, do give us a call.  If it happens a 2nd time, you will no longer be in a position to volunteer.

Give us a call at 403-217-2346 or email us at soapandmoreab@gmail.com to volunteer.

See duties & expectations below


 Our Volunteer Duties

  •   Arrive 45 minutes early to help set up the workshop
  •   Stay up to 1 hour after the workshop to clean up
  •   If a volunteer cannot attend a workshop, he/she must try and find a replacement


The whole class depends on the assistance of our volunteers and when one does not show up, it is a strain on everyone.

Volunteer duties may include the following:

  • Cleaning dishes during and after the class
  • Properly clean off, dry and put away all the supplies and equipment. Make sure there is no oily residue on any bottles before they are returned to the proper shelves.
  • When standing in line for any activity, the volunteers will be the final participants
  • Fill out the discount cards for all participants, including yourself, and give them to the instructor
  • Assist instructor with the next project by gathering measuring instruments and supplies
  • During the workshop pick up rubbish and clear away clutter when you can
  • Leave any container that requires refilling to the side for the staff to attend to the following day
  • Cut labels for the finished products if required
  • Sweep if required (IE: Bath Bomb classes)

Our classes depend on Volunteers like you! We greatly appreciate your interest and effort!


 Learn how to make homemade soap today