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Thanks for doing what you are doing - you were on the leading edge and I wasn't a "believer" until my kids' sensitivities forced me to pay attention and change my lifestyle, habits, buying habits.Cheers!
Hi Megan I want to thank you again for reminding me about the books today – that was really great of you to remember for me.  There aren’t many places that have good customer service anymore, and as far as I’m concerned, you went “above and beyond” today, first with the books, then answering my questions about the palm oil, talking to me about the books I chose, etc.
And I’d appreciate it if you would forward/show this email to your boss/supervisor to let them read it.Have a great weekend


Hi, I purchased a product from Soap and More called;plant based emulsifier. for making the Counter Top Spray (antibacterial)  -recipe from course on Cleaning products.do you sitll carry this item? or could you recommend a substitute as I am now on living the West Coast (Vancouver)
I’m enjoying making my various soaps and products and have learned so much from all of you while I worked in Calgary for the past 4 years. I sure mssing seeing all of you and taking classes! thanks

  "The Soap and More staff are awesome!  They provided information and helpful advise for making a face cream, that agrees with my aging skin; replacing the expensive brands I've had to buy until now.  And because I live out of town, being able to get all the information and ingredients at their store, made my life a whole lot easier.  Thank you!"

Last night my husband and I made a huge batch of the natural diaper salve - your guys' recipe.  I've had that recipe since 2010 when my first born was still < 1 year old and has it ever come in handy after we stopped using any synthetic detergents in ANY of our products.  This is my 3rd or 4th batch of the stuff.  I found not only synthetic detergents in the SudoCream that we had been using for both kids but also a number of hormone disruptors AND a compound that was highly likely to cause cancer in humans because it had been shown in lab tests to cause cancer in animals.  Shocking and disgusting!  I have certainly been able to put to good use my undergrad in biology to read labels and research and once familiar with names of common synthetic detergents, could not ignore the rest of what I was seeing as questionable or dangerous compounds in most of our personal care and cleaning products.