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6 Cavity 2 3/4" 3D Rose Silicone Mold

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Great for bath bombs, melt & pour soap, cp soap and more.  Make sure to put on a sturdy tray or cardboard prior to pouring to hold the mold. 

These silicone rose molds have 3/4 inch overfill to give the soap a 3d effect. 

Material: Silicone

Cavities: 6

Total soap approx 1.5 pounds

Measurement:  2" , soap weight approx 135 grams

Check out our mica color section:  https://www.soapandmore.com/colourants/Micas/

Were you aware that melt & pour embeds can be used in cp soap?  This fast efficient technique allows to virtually very little wait time from creating the m&p embeds to placing them on your wet just poured cp soap!

Soap embeds allow soap makers to add fun shapes and designs to soaps. In this article, we will share some tips for embedding melt and pour soap embeds on top of cold process soap loaves.

Create Embed:
First, you need to create the melt and pour soap embed. Another nice thing about using m&p soap is a clear base can be used for a really neat look!. Prepare your mp soap base with your desired color and fragrance, and then pour the soap into the mold at a temperature of around 125ºF. Allow to harden, and then remove from the mold. Some crafters eliminate the fragrance in their embeds and only add to the cp portion. 

Cool Embed:
Next, cool the soap embed in the refrigerator. Cold process soap making involves hot temperatures that can melt the soap embed. To prevent the embed from melting, we cool our melt and pour soap embed before using it in our final loaf.

Add Embed:
Now we can put the m&P embed onto your final loaf. Prepare your cold process soap, soaping at a temperature of 100ºF or cooler. After pouring into the loaf mold tap the mold down lightly to eliminate any air pockets. Once the poured soap has become firm enough to hold the embed, carefully space each embed evenly so when the soap loaf is ready for the cut, you are happy with the look.  Push them down slightly & carefully so they hold up to the cut.  Avoid a gel phase because the heat can melt the embed. If you live in a warm climate, you may find placing the soap in the refrigerator works best to avoid the soap from overheating. Avoid ingredients that heat up cp soap such as sugars, milk and the like. Allow your soap to harden, and then remove from the mold. Cut into soap slices with a sturdy soap cutter that is strong enough for melt and pour soap. Allow your soap to cure as normal.



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High-quality non-toxic silicone food grade. These molds are ideal for both Melt and Pour & CP or HP Soap and bath bombs.

-  Flexible silicone mold with food grade quality, FDA standard, non-toxic.
- Soft, easy to use and reusable. Put on a tray prior to pouring your soap to make moving it after the pour. Oven safe as well as microwave and freezer.
- Acceptable temperature: -40C to +230C / -40F to +450F


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