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Natural SPF Products & Bug Repellant

Natural SPF Products & Bug Repellant

Sun light consists of radiation with differing wavelength: UV-radiation, infrared radiation and visible radiation. Concerning skin damages and sun protection, the UV-radiation is important. UV-radiation consists of UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (280-320 nm) and UVC (190-280 nm). UVC is the most dangerous radiation, but fortunately it is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer within the stratosphere and does not reach the earth's surface, unless the ozone layer is damaged. Your skin type plays a huge part in how the sunrays damage the skin. Why not use skin care products that contain SPF properties to play it safe! Deet is in most bug sprays and with West Nile out there we know we need some protection however an alternative to deet would be nice. Especially with children Make a lotion, lip protection, bug spray and a bronzer to enhance your tan. 2 hours

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  • Author: Carol
    I just love the SPF hemp lip balm. Very smooth. I never purchased such a wonderful product at any store!
  • Author: Kathy
    We made a soothing SPF lotion in this class. It is a wonderful product and it feels really nice on your skin.
    The insect repellent really works.
  • Author: Jane
    The SPF lotion and lip balm turned out very nice. However, I have to disagree with those who say the insect repellent works. Maybe if you live in an area with few mosquitos it works. I live around a large mosquito population and wanted a DEET free product to protect my children. This was not it. The minute they walked out of the house and were eaten alive. They all had to come back in to have a DEET product applied to them. Very disappointed that this product did not work at all.
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