Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil

The oil has a sweet aroma, similar to honey, with a very light bitter undertone. It has an extremely powerful smell, therefore it is important to use this oil in really small amounts.

It has the property to put in motion the right side (intuitive) of the brain. This is of enormous aid in meditation, in therapy and in works on personal growth, and for the creative arts as well: music, painting, poetry, etc.

It is said that the Helichrysum induces compassionate feelings. I prefer to think that it puts us in contact with that part of ourselves from which compassion freely flows. This oil harmonises well with that of Rose (use at least two drops of Rose for each of Helichrysum). This particular blend has the property to unite the mind and the heart.

Also call a bruise eraser, this oil has great therapeutic qualities. (to be used externally only)
Higher quality than commercial with better odor properties, pesticide free according to GC/MS analysis. Equivalent in terms of therapeutic quality but not necessarily in terms of odor quality.

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