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Salt Gems Large Raw Unwashed

Salt Gems Large Raw Unwashed

Salt Gems are pure Atlantic sea salt brought to you in its raw form. The crystals are solar evaporated from the clear blue waters off the coast of Brazil. The salt rocks are crushed and left in larger pieces. Salt gems are semi-transparent and can be rinsed to create a clear shimmering crystal. Salt Gems have the same mineral composition as high-end bath salts making it very versatile. This is the ideal size to be used in Aromatherapy Bath Salts combined with smaller salts or in a Potpourri. The large crystals are semi-porous which enables them to be infused with color and essential oil.

Crystals - range in size from 3/8” (10mm) to ˝” (15mm) in diameter.

Making Salt Crystal Potpourri is a simple process. The main decision is the coloring of the crystals. There are 4 different methods for coloring:

Liquid Based - This coloring will dry the best.
Gel Based – This will give the crystals a translucent color
Mica Powder - Gives the salt an opalescent color.
Water Rinsed – Gives the salt crystals a "glass like" appearance.

Liquid or gel colorant can be hand applied to the crystals using rubber gloves. Apply fragrance and color. Lay crystals out on parchment to dry.
If you use mica powder you need to shake the crystal in a plastic bag and then mist with your fragrance or essential oil.

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