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Mineral Makeup for Lips

Mineral Makeup for Lips

Most commercial lipsticks contain petroleum jelly also called petrolatum. As this ingredient comes from the oil and gas industry it is not meant to be consumed. As we all know when we apply lipstick we do eat some. As much as 2 kilos of this is consumed by women every 10 years and it is just not right. It has been found to cause cancer. In fact cancerous breast tissue has been found to contain petrolatum. This is why we should try and purchase lipstick without it and the next best step is to formulate your own!
Learn to craft lip care products using minerals and pigments. Create 2 smooth, lasting colored lipsticks with the moisture and feel of natural lip balm. The perfect marriage of smooth, moisture-rich lip colors. Color and moisture that lasts, all naturally! Health Canada has found lead in some lipsticks for sale in Canada but the agency says the levels do not post a health risk for consumers. Although their safety lead levels are low why add to the growing amounts of unsafe body care ingredients. Make your own. Lipstick does end up being consumed after all. Also make a lip scuff which is a moisturizing lip care product that gently exfoliates the lips to help remove dead skin cells, leaving the lips feeling smooth, soft and 1 lip conditioner that contains oils to nourish and repair lips. 2 hours

Price: $65.00

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  • Author: Maggie
    What a super class. The instructor was well informed and we got to make some great products.
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