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Matte Texture Base for Eyes/Face

Matte Texture Base for Eyes/Face

This is a cosmetic additive. Approved for use on: lips, eyes, face, nails.
This product makes the process of creating your own unique mineral makeup eye shadows, blushes and foundation powders one step easier!

For a sheen/frost or lustre finish add any mica or extra bright titanium dioxide.
For colored products add any eye safe powder oxide/pigment.

This Matte Texture Base for Eyes and Face is a unique blend of Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate, all natural minerals.

While you could purchase each of these ingredients separately and come up with your own base . . . why bother? Our pre-blended base is affordably priced and ready to go, and additive powders can simply be added to create beautiful finished products!

We recommend silica microspheres for a silky feel and smooth application for face makeup. Try adding some rose talc powder for eye shadows, rose talc will help your colored product stay put and absorb your skins natural oils keeping a freshly applied look!

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