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Coconut Oil, Virgin Organic

Coconut Oil, Virgin Organic

This is how coconut oil really and truly smells! When you take a whiff of this virgin, pure organic oil you will be mentally transported to a Caribbean or South Pacific island. This oil is processed by technology developed in Japan using a centrifuge and gravity. They harvest the coconut and the coconut milk is extracted by centrifuge with a density separator. Virgin coconut oil comes directly from the islands and we can attest to its purity and content. When solid it is white, when liquid it is colorless. It has the most intoxicating coconut fragrance.......its texture is soft-solid with a creamy texture while at room temperature. Use straight on the skin, as lip balm, to blend with other fixed oils and essential oils, in creams and lotions. For those who like to tan without any protection: this is it! Use as a body oil, massage into the hair for a truly moisturizing treatment prior to shampooing.....use your imagination.

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