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Jojoba Oil Golden

Jojoba Oil Golden

It is actually a liquid wax. It contains more than four times the waxy esters found in human sebum (the natural moisturizing oils secreted by the skin).

Native Americans of the Southwest have traditionally used Jojoba Oil for the treatment of wounds, skin afflictions, and hair tonics. It is a moisturizer and humectant, and has antioxidant properties. Pure Jojoba Oil comes from the bean of the Jojoba Shrub or Tree, Simmondsia chinensis, an evergreen, native to the desert regions of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. The beans, which can contain as much as 45% to 60% oil, are collected and crushed mechanically in a process known as "Cold or Expeller Pressing". The oil is then filtered, and is still golden in color. Saponification Chart

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