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Lecithin, Liquid

Lecithin, Liquid

A natural antioxidant and emollient use in eye creams, lipsticks, liquid powders, hand creams and lotions, soaps and many other cosmetics. Also a natural emulsifier and spreading ingredient. High in Vitamin B It is found in all living organisms, and is obtained from common soybeans.
Lecithin is a super skin restorative agent and moisturizer. It has the ability to penetrate the epidermis and carry substances to the right cell level. They also can form cell-like structures called liposomes. A liposome are formed when a group of phospholipids are placed on the skin; they spontaneously arrange themselves to match their water loving heads together and their oil loving tails together to form a microscopic sphere. These spheres are similar in construction to an actual cell membrane. They are then able to pass through the epidermis and act as a carrier of substances that attach themselves.
Use: up to 3% at the end of your lotion/cream formulation

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