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Cetyl Alcohol Pastilles

Cetyl Alcohol Pastilles

A vegetable based emollient and emulsion stabilizer used in many cosmetic preparations such as creams,lotions and shampoo. Used in concentrations of between 3% and 10%. The term alcohol here is a real disservice to this ingredient as it is really a fat substance. Produced from Palm Oil usually, but it is also found in Coconut and other vegetable oils (it can be made synthetically too). Considered by some sources to be non-comedogenic, it is a moisturizer (not at all a drying alcohol). Because it is saturated, it is considered resistant to rancidity, so the shelf life is considered to be very long. (A lot of manufacturers say it is resistant to rancidity forever - nothing lasts forever, but it is a very long time!) And it has a melting point of 49˚C.

It is more emollient than stearic acid, and works in conjunction with a cationic quaternary compound like BTMS to increase the conditioning agent's substantivity (it clings more to your hair). Where stearic can feel waxy and draggy, cetyl feels glidier and greasier (in a good way).

Stearic acid and cetyl alcohol can be used interchangeably, for the most part. I liken a cream with cetyl alcohol to Cool Whip - it's glidier and silkier - whereas I think of a cream with stearic acid as whipped butter - still glidy, but definitely not silky and a lot heavier.

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  • Author: Randa Salem
    Dear Sir

    Greeting from Egypt

    We are Tiba company for Import and Export , Alexandria , Egypt

    We are large importers of several chemical products in the Egyptian market of many countries around all the world We import and deal in Cetyl Alcohol C16 98%

    We deal much in Indonesian Cetyl Alcohol C16 98% but we want to open new market with Indian products because it have much demand in our Egyptian market nowadays

    We look for new suppliers of Cetyl Alcohol C16 98% to have business with them in India ,we found your esteemed company through search and would have the pleasure to start contacting with you

    So kindly inform us by the latest price/mt of Cetyl Alcohol C16 98% CIF Damietta or Alexandria

    Packing: in 20 kg

    Hope to give us a competitive offer matched with high quality to encourage us to start strongly with u

    Wish to have dealing with your company

    we shall be highly appreciate with your soonest reply and Co-operation

    Best Regards

    Miss \ Randa Salem (direct contact)

    Import Manager

    Tiba company for Import and Export

    35 EL-LAHON ZEZNIA SAFAR Alexandria , Egypt

    Tel./Fax: +20167481080.

    N.b:there r other 2 phone lines will give u nrs soon (still not operated ) coz we came to this new location since few days


    General Manager :MR/ Khalid Nawar.
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