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Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax

The hardest natural wax available, it is brittle, non-tacky and lustrous with a melting point of 182 F. Carnauba wax is often used in combination with softer waxes to achieve optimal aesthetics. It provides excellent rigidity in stick products, and is normally used at levels of 4 - 12% Try it in natural household products like wood wax polish for fine wood.
Recipe: Use 3 parts soft oil such as olive with 1 part carnauba wax, melt them together, remove from the heat and add a few drops of lavenender essential oil, blend and pour into a wide mouth jar. Allow to harden and label. Use a soft piece of cotton and polish your fine antique furniture to an extended life!

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    I bought it here, but i'm little bit angry bacause today i found it cheaper here:
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