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Olive Oil, Pomace 3 litres

Olive Oil, Pomace 3 litres

Olive oil pomace is considered an inferior grade and is used for soap making or industrial purposes. This oil creates a long lasting, non-drying mild soap with creamy lather, and no other soapmaking oil contributes its unique set of characteristics. It retains moisture to the skin by forming a breathable layer, and like jojoba oil, shea butter and kukui nut oil it does not block the skinís natural functions while performing it's own. Olive oil is a good oil for skin care, especially mature, inflamed, or dry skin, as it provides disinfectant, antiwrinkle, and wound healing properties. It makes an excellent conditioner for hair and nails, and is used as a remedy for arthritis. It is good for making salves, cosmetics, and has good medicinal properties.

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