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Bamboo Extract Powder

Bamboo Extract Powder

Are you looking for something different in your scrub. Everyone is putting in common exfoliants, so set your product apart and give it some label appeal. Bamboo Powder is a world of difference from the common exfoliants because its fine enough to offer a gentle feel on the skin, yet effective exfoliation. This is the product you're looking for if you want to market a foaming scrub.
The Bamboo Exfoliating Extract is obtained from the bamboo tabashi stems collected in the form of an exudate (a thick liquid) which crystallizes at room temperature. This crystalline powder is very rich in mineral salt and is a excellent source of silica. This powder makes a mild exfoliant suitable for sensitive skin and for use on the face. It is ground to 160 microns for a light gritty feel . Suggested usage in soap, lotions or bath gels is 5% to 8% weight (but you can always use less or more as desired).

Try this foaming body wash recipe
1 cup of sugar (brown or white)
1 Tablespoon of bamboo extract
1/4 cup of vegetable oil (sweet almond, olive, grapeseed etc)
1/4 cup of soap and more's unscented body wash
1/4 tsp your favorite essential or fragrance oils

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