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Orange Creamsicle Flavour Oil

Orange Creamsicle Flavour Oil

Very popular with the kids and adults alike. A perfect combo of orange and vanilla!
Clear so it will not unnecessarily color your base. Oil based for incorporation into your favorite lip balm and lip butters at a ratio of up to 3% of your total formula. Can scent approx 150 grams of lip balm. Flavor denotes the combined chemical sensations of taste and smell. Creating flavors requires extensive scientific knowledge of the chemical palette with an artistic creativity. To produce natural flavors, the flavorant must first be extracted from the source substance. The methods of extraction can involve solvent extraction, distillation, or using force to squeeze it out. The extracts are then usually further purified before being sold. To begin producing artificial flavors, flavor manufacturers must either find out the individual naturally occurring aroma chemicals and mix them appropriately to produce a desired flavor or create a novel non-toxic artificial compound that gives a specific flavor. At Soap & More, we sell a combination of natural & artificial flavors that are of the highest quality and suitable for application in lip balms. We strongly encourage lab scale testing as other ingredients may influence performance. Try this formula 1 tsp jojoba oil 1/2 tsp mango butter (or any other butter) 1 tsp rice bran oil 1/2 tsp vit E 1 tsp beeswax End of a toothpick of stevia Heat at low to medium heat until melted, remove from the heat and add approx 15 drops of flavour and your stevia, blend well and fill your containers. This recipe yields approx 20 grams or 4 lip balm sticks. Can be doubled or tripled. Avoid sweetening with glycerin or honey as your formula may seperate. The properties of beeswax provides what is required. Your formula can be colored with pigments however we recommend that your color is added to your oil at the beginning in order to dilute the powder.

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