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Rootbeer Flavour Oil Organic

Rootbeer Flavour Oil Organic

Nothing like a cold root beer float in the summer! Try blending it with our other flavours for your own special blend, we like mixing vanilla or honey with it!

Used to be a primary ingredient in old fashioned root beer in conjunction with sassafras which was more widely available prior to studies of the potential health risks of sassafras. Extracts from the sarsaparilla plant are still sold for medicinal purposes, and the roots can be purchased in certain grocery or health food stores. The beverage called sarsaparilla can be a little more difficult to find. Smaller bottling companies may produce a version for local consumption, but the national interest in sarsaparilla's cousin root beer has shrunk considerably. The chances of bellying up to the bar and demanding a sasparilly are rather small these days, sad to say.

Try this formula:
1 tsp jojoba oil
1/2 tsp mango butter (or any other butter)
1 tsp rice bran oil
1/2 tsp vit E
1 tsp beeswax
Dash of stevia to sweeten 
Heat at low to medium heat until melted, remove from the heat and add approx 15 drops of flavour and your stevia, blend well and fill your containers. This recipe yields approx 20 grams or 4 lip balm sticks. Can be doubled or tripled. Avoid sweetening with glycerin or honey as your formula may seperate.
Your formula can be colored with pigments and micas however we recommend creating an oil based lip color by adding the powder color and/or mica to fractionated coconut oil in equal parts. This will keep the strength of the color and you won't get any clumps or speckles in your balm.  

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